Well, if you want to know, you’ve come to the right place! Know Fishing™ is designed to help you do just that… Know Fishing™ . The competition angle has been replaced with more information on approaches, techniques and strategies to help you catch more bass.

Know Fishing™ is filmed during different times of the year on multiple sized lakes, ponds, rivers and creeks to provide information relevant to everyone, not just tournament driven anglers. The idea is to give you information you can use regardless of your skill level, region, access to water or budget.

The host, Dustin Wilks is an accomplished angler with the resume to back it up, but more importantly, he has a passion for bass fishing that started at a very early age. He’s have gone through life putting together patterns and techniques based on the same trial and errors that many anglers and hobbyist fishermen struggle with today, making the information shared on Know Fishing™ extremely applicable.

In each Know Fishing™ episode you will ride along with Dustin as he works through the day figuring out how to maximize his day on the water. he will start out letting you know what he is thinking, how he plans to approach it and why. Then as the day goes on he takes time to explain what the fish are telling him, why it’s important and what adjustments he needs to make based on that information. Each segment will conclude with the “Now you Know” segment which provides the viewer with a synopsis of the day, the key factors for success and some additional information you can use in your quest to Know Fishing™.

Dustin Wilks’ approach to fishing, and most everything else, is very light and boyish in nature despite having a formal college degree in fisheries. There are many ways to fish for bass, but Dustin is only interested some of them. The primary drive for Dustin is to have fun by fishing the way you like to fish. The true beauty of his approach is the way he dissects the day as it unfolds. Dustin will not only find a way to catch fish, but he will catch them with the techniques he has fun using. That’s not to say Dustin is not versatile. He simply finds versatility is his baits as opposed to his presentation. So if you are the kind of person who enjoys trying new baits or wants to know the good from the bad, Dustin is your man. If he tells you a bait is good, you better get them while you can, because he probably has 40 of them and is placing another order right now!

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